Cheshire FA Charity Golf Day
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Cheshire F.A


Pre-prod, location shooting, editing.


Premiere, AE, Photoshop

Skills used
  • AE
  • Premiere
  • Photoshop

On the hottest day of 2014, I filmed the Cheshire F.A’s charity golf day at Carden Park.

It was quite a gruelling (but fun) day’s filming which involved lugging a lot of equipment around a golf course grounds and getting sunburned- luckily we had a caddy!

…I decided to film him talking about the company and overlay the relevant “B-Roll” video of the staff working in the premises to help communicate the message.

The brief was to cover the speeches at the start of the day and the prizegiving at the end of the day, as well as to interview all the participants to raise awareness for the charity.

I also gathered as many shots as possible to use in the edit.

Other than the weather, there was a few other challenges.  We had only just acquired the camera so it was a case of ‘run & gun’ and hope for the best,  I soon learnt I should have used an ND filter!

I was given free reign to both film and edit this project so was under pressure to get it right and to get 15 minutes of video delivered to a tight deadline.