Project Info



Motion Tracking, Rotoscoping, Matte Painting


Mocha, AE, Photoshop

Skills used
  • Motion Tracking (Mocha)
  • Compositing (AE)
  • Photoshop

In the 200th anniversary year of Mary Shelley’s formidable 1818 publication ‘Frankenstein’, a newly-penned, impassioned adaptation of her most beloved work is faithfully and lovingly brought to the stage through the medium of film and live theatre.

…  It was my job to make [The Skeleton] look realistic, which I did in Mocha by tracking various bones and ageing them by adding various layers of photoshop and a bit of grunge for good measure.

I was asked to help BMC on the production and post production for the video elements to be played throughout the stage show.

Similarly to the ‘Big Issue’ advert, there was a lot of various jobs to be done!

Rig Removal.

A lot of the shots had objects in them that needed to be digitally removed.  For example, in the wedding scenes the buildings radiators and fire extinguishers can be seen, in the rowing shot, the outboard motor battery was visible so these all had to be motion tracked and roto’d out.

Fixing shots.

Various shots needed tweaking, for example there was flickering problems due to the lights and other shots where noise needed reducing.

Improving Props and costumes.

One shot shows a plastic skeleton in a dungeon which looked fake and obviously plastic.  It was my job to make it look realistic which I did in Mocha by tracking various bones and ageing them by adding various layers of photoshopped real aged bones and a bit of grungey dirt for good measure.

Another shot of the Monster you could see clothes underneath the main costume which required removing and generally dirtying up a bit!

Main Titles.

Just a simple AE job of creating 3D text to rotate in (subtley) for the end of the trailer.